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Sufficient working capital is a key aspect of any company’s financial health, and not having enough can have a serious impact on the future of your business. Many businesses choose MaxCap Solutions to assist them reach their growth ambitions.


SBA Loans are Government backed funds with terms up to 25 Years. Funding amounts range from $50,000 -$5,000,000 and will take at least 45 -90 days to finalize.


  • Minimum $200k/Annual Revenue

  • 2+ Years in business

  • 2 Years of business tax returns

  • 675+ FICO Required

term LOANS

A Term Loan is a great financing option to help power the growth of small businesses. With a business term loan, a small business can borrow a lump sum from a lender that is paid back in steady increments over the set borrowing period, or term. Approvals are pretty quick and can be funded as soon as 24 hours once terms are agreed upon.


  • 1+ Years in business

  • $180k/Annual Revenue

  • 585+ FICO Required



of credit

This is a True Revolver;

each payment frees up additional funds on the line. Approvals

up to $250,000  with 6, 12, or 18-month terms.

(Weekly/Monthly payments available)

Same day funding available after approval. 


  • 6+ Months in business

  • $150k/Annual Revenue

  • 625+ FICO Required




Use an A/R credit line to receive payments immediately and get the capital you need to grow. A/R Financing can be used to bridge gaps between customer payments, cover labor costs, purchase materials, expand inventory, and help manage cash flow.


Approvals up to $350,000.


  • 6+ Months in business

  • $40,000+ in Monthly Accounts Receivables

  • 500+ FICO Required



Monthly payments over

  1  to 5 year terms .

Variable rate starting at 6.99%

Up to $1,000,000 Funded amount

Funds as soon as 24 hours from approval


  • 6+ Months in business

  • $150k/Annual Revenue

  • 625+ FICO Required

Merchant cash advance

Same day funding,

85% Approval Rate.

Approvals based on monthly sales, up to 18 month terms with

 Daily/Weekly Payments. 

Opportunity to Re-Finance mid term.

Up to $1,000,000 Funded amount


  • 4+ Months in business

  • $100k Min annual revenue

  • 475+ FICO required

  • Must use online banking

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